Platform and Portfolios

GRA will provide you with recommendations as to the investment platform, types of investments, and specific portfolios that we have researched. They will be selected for their low fees, tax structure and performance characteristics. You’re under no obligation to select, and GRA receives no advisory fees for this service. As we update our research each quarter, you will receive summaries of that research.

Investment Platform. If you request, GRA will recommend an investment platform that provides a selection of portfolios, analytics, low fees, tax management tools, financial stability and operational support required for your Plan. Our recommended platform features a robo-advisor platform where you can design your own portfolios or simply elect our portfolio recommendations. GRA will also recommend portfolios available on that platform that are consistent with Income Allocation planning method’s objectives. You will retain complete discretion regarding all investment decisions. There will be no advisory fees charged by GRA for this service.

Type of Investments. Our recommendations are based around broad-based Exchange Traded Funds (“ETFs”) and diversified portfolios offered on a Direct Indexing platform. Our Advisor-Counselor will discuss our recommendations with you and provide you with a supplemental guide on how to navigate the platform.

Index funds and ETFs are well-known as a diversified way to invest in the market. A new approach called Direct Indexing combines the diversification of index funds and ETFs with the ability to trade fractional shares of individual stocks inside a fund to incorporate additional tax advantages. Direct Indexing provides investors with the ability to invest directly into indices without going through the ETF structure. The added benefit is the ability to tax-loss harvest individual positions, because all stocks are owned directly.

ETFs and Direct Indexing Portfolios. GRA has identified specific Direct Indexing portfolios and ETFs that are consistent with our planning methodology. We have looked at the historical performance, the results of which are available upon request. You will retain complete discretion regarding all investment decisions.

If you prefer active portfolio management, GRA will work with you to select an advisor to provide portfolio management, referred to as a Portfolio Management Advisor (PMA). As part of the process of selecting an investment advisor who will handle portfolio management, you will receive our ADV disclosure brochure (Portfolio Management Advisor Program) and a brochure from the PMA which will describe, among other things, investment strategies, fees and custodial arrangements.