Golden Retirement LLC

Golden Retirement, LLC ("GR") is the developer of the Go2Income website and the Income Allocation planning method for retirement income planning. GR is parent to Golden Retirement Advisors Inc. ("GRA"), a registered investment advisor, and the 2Income Annuity Group, Inc ("2IAG"), an insurance agency licensed for life insurance and annuities. These companies are devoted to advising on and implementing the plans for retirement income developed on the Go2Income website. In states where not licensed GRA and 2IAG may work with qualified investment advisors or licensed agents.

GR's president and founder, Jerome (Jerry) Golden, has been recognized as one of the financial services industry's leading innovators, having played an important role in the creation and adoption of several major financial products over his career. Jerry is also CEO of both GRA and 2IAG.

Golden Retirement, LLC has also designed the Go2Income programs, and employed Advisor – Counselors to work with you to put those programs in place to meet your retirement income objectives.

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Golden Retirement Advisors

Golden Retirement Advisors Inc. ("GRA") is a registered investment advisor that will advise you on the design of one of Go2Income's programs with the goal of maximizing your dependable, spendable income. A Go2Income program may integrate (1) investments in major savings sources, including Rollover IRAs, after-tax personal savings, equity in a primary residence, and fixed and variable deferred annuities, and (2) income annuities ("IA"). A program may incorporate all your retirement savings or a single savings source.

By accessing the Income Allocation planning tools on the Go2Income website, you can develop a preliminary Plan on your own. An Advisor-Counselor is available to refine your Plan by utilizing advanced planning tools and Go2Income studies. You will have one-hour of complimentary consulting with an Advisor-Counselor to refine a preliminary Plan or to develop one with you. You may schedule the consulting in two 30-minute sessions.

GRA will provide you with recommendations as to the investment platform, types of investments, and specific portfolios that we have researched. They will be selected for their low fees, tax structure and performance characteristics. You're under no obligation to select, and GRA receives no advisory fees for this service. As we update our research each quarter, you will receive summaries of that research

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2Income Annuity Group

2Income Annuity Group, Inc. ("2IAG") is an insurance agency licensed for life insurance and annuities. The company is licensed in states representing more than 75% of the US market and may work with qualified independent agent - advisors in states where not licensed.

Go2Income's programs focus on income strategies involving dividends, interest, managed withdrawals from model investment portfolios and annuity payments. The 2Income Annuity Group, together with Golden Retirement Advisors, provide support and advice around income annuities whether you are considering as part of a Go2Income program or as a standalone purchase

2IAG works through an Annuity Platform that provides us with access to a choice of top-rated annuity carriers. Out of that list, 2IAG selects those to be included in the Annuity Shopping Service based on the following criteria:

  • Is the insurance company rated A or better by Standard & Poor's (S&P) or Moody's?
  • Has the company been in the Income Annuity business for more than ten years?
  • Does the company have over $1 billion of annuities in force?
  • Does the company provide industry standard liquidity features in its annuity contracts?
  • Have the company's annuity rates been consistently competitive?

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Annuity Platform: Financial Independence Group (FIG), Inc. has connected independent insurance agents with insurance providers for more than 40 years. FIG assists agents in finding annuities, life insurance, care planning solutions, and has represented some of the most comprehensive, competitive, and financially stable insurance companies in the industry and currently works in all 50 states.

To learn more about FIG, please review the company's mission, vision, history, and leadership team here: