Planning and Consulting

One-hour of Complimentary Consulting Services. You have access to the Income Allocation tools and reports on the Go2Income website to develop a preliminary Plan by registering here. You can also arrange an appointment with an Advisor-Counselor with one-hour of complimentary consulting to develop or refine a preliminary Plan. That consulting can be taken as two 30-minute sessions, and you can set up an appointment with an Advisor-Counselor at any point during the process.

Supplemental Consulting Services. We also offer retirement income consulting services on a separate hourly basis to individuals who request such services. These services may include refinement of a preliminary Plan (after the one-hour of complimentary consulting), and retirement planning advice, such as: (1) tax management strategies related to your Plan, (2) Social Security claiming strategies, and (3) legacy and long-term care planning. We will provide an upfront estimate of any supplemental consulting services based on the scope of work.

Plan Management Services. If you elect Plan Management services for any plan you adopt , GRA will also provide ongoing planning help, including (1) monitoring and updating a Plan on an ongoing basis, (2) performance monitoring of the selected model investment portfolios, and (3) advice regarding the timing and amount of managed withdrawals from model portfolios and the allocation of such withdrawn amounts. This service is particularly helpful when there is market volatility impacting your model investment portfolios. Set out below are plan management fees for illustrative plan savings.

Savings Applied Annual Fees As % of Savings
$500,000 $600 .12%
$1,000,000 $900 .09%
$1,500,000 $1200 .08%
$2,000,000 $1200 .06%

Fees will be collected on monthly basis. Consulting fees can be deferred and collected over first two years along with plan management fees.

Go2Income Low Fees. A $1 million plan under a typical advisory arrangement might have $7,500 in annual advisory fees on the investment portfolio but would not offer much help on managing a plan with annuity payments. Our plan management fees together with platform fees would be $1,200 per year for a $6,050 per year savings.