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Income Allocation vs Asset Allocation


Age 60 Boost: $25,852.
Thru Age 95 Boost: $2,396,426

Notes: The Asset Allocation planning method illustrated above allocates savings among stocks, bonds and cash, and withdraws amounts from savings to provide the retiree's income. The Income Allocation Planning method allocates income among interest, dividends, annuity payments and withdrawals from savings early in retirement.
For a description of assumptions and important disclosure, go to Income Allocation Plan Disclosure and Assumptions.

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Retirement Savings Included in Income Power Calculation

Use this worksheet to calculate your estimated retirement savings included as a source for your Income Power. For planning purposes Go2Income suggests using higher percentages of your tax-deferred savings and lower percentages of your after-tax savings and equity in your primary residence.

(1) Fill in estimated value of your retirement savings
(2) Modify percentage (%) to be included if necessary
(3) Fill in value of residence (max $650,000) less existing mortgage

Select Survival Age
DIA Payments
Advantage DIA

"Payments" above include (1) periodic amounts paid to annuitant(s) through the selected survival age, and (2) any residual amount paid to the beneficiary at the survival age. A negative "Advantage DIA" will likely occur if you select a young survival age.


These retirement accounts represent the clearest form of retirement savings.

As a replacement for the corporate pension they are the most logical source for retirement income. Further their tax treatment is geared to delivering the highest level of income during your lifetime rather than a legacy to your family.

In measuring your Income Power, we suggest including at 100%.

Purchase of QLAC and Current Income Annuity may be made through tax-free rollover.

Personal Savings

These savings and investment accounts represent the accumulation of after - tax savings. Investment returns on these amounts are taxed currently, some at favorable rates; amounts left as a legacy may receive favorable tax treatment at your passing.

In measuring your Income Power, we suggest excluding those amounts generating yields and considered part of your legacy.

Purchase of DIA and Current Income Annuity may be made only on an after tax basis. Portion of these annuity payments will be considered as tax-free return of principal.

Deferred Annuities

These annuities, unlike those described in the Go2Income site, are designed to accumulate savings on a tax-deferred basis. They may offer variable, indexed or fixed returns. Unlike the IRA/401(k) they offer tax deferral beyond age 70 ½. If amounts are withdrawn they will be taxed on a least favorable last-in,last-out basis.

In measuring your Income Power, we suggest including at 100%.

Purchase of DIA and Current Income Annuity may be made through tax-free exchange.

Primary Residence

Investors may tap the equity in your house through a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM). This mortgage is subject to a rigorous financial assessment but it can be a source of tax-free cash during the early stage of retirement. To maintain liquidity and legacy we suggest using in moderation.

In measuring your Income Power, we suggest including at 40%, but not more than $250,000.

Purchase of any form of annuity from these proceeds and is strictly prohibited.

Income Power Details

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By selecting Max Deferral you are deferring payments until the Income Start Age you select.
If you select Income Plan* you are phasing in your guaranteed income as follows:

  • For current ages under 64, your income phases in at 70, 75 and 80
  • For current ages 65 to74, income phases in at 75, 80 and 85
  • For current ages 75 to 79, income phases in at 80 and 85
  • For current ages 80 and over, income starts at Income Start Age you select.

  • Please Request an Appointment with a Go2Specialist if you'd like a customized Income Plan.

    *You may not specify the Income Goal for an Income Plan. The Income Goal illustrated for an Income Plan will be the initial payment.