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How much of my annuity's value can I access?
There is no liquidity, and we suggest you keep a portion of your retirement savings in liquid investments

Note: These values are an approximation of actual values. If you access values, your annuity payments may be suspended or reduced.

Annuities with Beneficiary Protection provide access to the annuity's “commuted value” from the insurance company. Other financing options may be available. Click here to Learn Even More.

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    Gender: Male
    Age: 70
    Income Fequency: Annualy
    Premium: $100,000
    Annuity Payment: $0  
    Type of Annuity: Life with 10 Years  
    Single or Joint: Single
    Payment Pattern: Level
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If your annuity has a refund or certain period, the annuity contract has what is known as a commuted value. In most contracts you can withdraw a portion of the commuted value in exchange for a reduction in your payments during the refund or certain period. That withdrawal decision should not be made lightly. However, as part of a broader financial plan, you might consider borrowing money, and using a portion of your payments as a source of repayment. Of course, you should not borrow beyond the value of payments made during the refund or certain period. The Liquidity Value is an approximation of that value.