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When would my savings run out if I tried to match the annuity on my own?
If you try to match the annuity by investing in risk free bonds earning 3.00% after taxes, you will run out of savings by age

By trying to match the income on your own, you have to consider the types of investments, the risks, the taxes and the need for a regular check for life. While the above analysis assumes a conservative investment strategy, you may want to consider other investment strategies.
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    Gender: Male
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    Income Fequency: Annualy
    Premium: $100,000
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    Type of Annuity: Life with 10 Years  
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    Payment Pattern: Level
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While there are many types of plans and schemes that offer streams of retirement income, you have to make any comparison by answering the following questions for the alternative: Is the income guaranteed? If so, what is the credit rating of the financial institution? If not, what parameters affect the outcome, such as market returns, interest rates, etc? Is the income payable for life? If not, what do you do if that account runs out? Is a portion of the income treated as a tax-free recovery of cost basis?