Golden Retirement Advisors

Jerry is CEO of Golden Retirement Advisors Inc., a registered investment advisor. GRA will advise you on the design of one of the Go2Income’s programs with the goal of maximizing your dependable, spendable income. A Go2Income program may integrate (1) investments in major savings sources, including Rollover IRAs, after-tax personal savings, equity in a primary residence, and fixed and variable deferred annuities, and (2) income annuities (“IA”). A program may incorporate all your retirement savings or a single savings source.

By accessing the Income Allocation planning tools on the Go2Income website, you can develop a preliminary Plan on your own. An Advisor Counselor is available to refine your Plan by utilizing advanced planning tools and Go2Income studies. You will have one-hour of complimentary consulting with an Advisor Counselor to refine a preliminary Plan or to develop one with you. You may schedule the consulting in two 30-minute sessions.

A copy of the Golden Retirement Advisors Disclosure Brochure and Brochure Supplement (Form ADV) and Privacy Policy are located here.

Recommended Investment Platform: Folio Investments, Inc. is a registered clearing broker-dealer with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, enabling it to hold public and non-public/unlisted securities and cash on behalf of its customers. The firm’s focus on investment innovation has enabled it to build a leading platform for low-cost diversification, suitable for clients of any size. As part of your Retirement Income Plan, you will have the opportunity to maintain your accounts with existing broker-dealer(s) or move all or a portion to Folio. Your Advisor Counselor can discuss each potential path, and help you make an educated and informed decisions. More information about Folio is available at To learn more about Folio, please visit: