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Income Allocation Planning Disclosure and Assumptions

The Income Allocation Planning (IAP) method has been developed by Golden Retirement Advisors, Inc. (GRA), an investment advisory subsidiary of Golden Retirement, LLC and an affiliate of the 2Income Annuity Group. See About Us. GRA's core objective is helping clients achieve security in retirement, with the goal of maximizing their dependable, spendable income.

The comparisons between the asset allocation and Income Allocation Planning methods are based on age, gender, retirement savings, and percentage of savings in a Rollover IRA. In addition, the comparison is driven by the stock market outlook and investment allocations.

The Income Annuity pricing in the illustrations of the Income Allocation Plan are based on the Go2Income proprietary pricing methodology. There is no assurance that the purchase prices in the commercial market place may be as favorable.

DISCLOSURE The illustrations and graphs generated by the IAP tool on the Go2Income site are hypothetical in nature, and do not reflect historical results and are not guarantees of future results. You must make your own determination whether IAP is consistent with your retirement objectives, risk tolerance, financial situation and your own evaluation of the IAP results. You should review your decisions periodically to make sure they are still consistent with your goals. A GRA advisor is also available to review your IAP plan and to answer any questions. Click here to request an appointment.