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Golden Retirement, LLC ("GR"), is the developer of the Savings2Income planning method for retirement income and Go2Income, which enables investors to better understand income annuities and decide whether these financial products should be part of their retirement portfolio.

GR's president and founder, Jerome (Jerry) Golden, has been recognized as one of the financial services industry's leading innovators, having played an important role in the creation and adoption of several major financial products over his career. Jerry also is CEO of Golden Retirement Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisor focused on development of smarter retirement income strategies.

About Jerry

Jerry has been involved with annuities since an initial assignment as a young actuary to price an immediate annuity. He was impressed with the ability to match assets and liabilities, which benefitted both the purchaser and the insurer. He recognized the risk that insurers were taking because of the potential increase in lifespans, and the risk pooling purchasers were taking when buying an annuity. He watched the business become more competitive as additional companies created products, along with the movement to "new money" pricing, and more frequent pricing changes. He was responsible for some of the innovation and holds two patents regarding these types of annuities.

Jerry was president of the Income Management Strategies Division of MassMutual, where he developed the patented Retirement Management Account, described by Cerulli Associates (recognized experts in researching worldwide asset management and distribution trends) as the "quintessential managed account platform for retirement income.

As an executive vice president of AXA Equitable, he led development, management and marketing of the Accumulator Variable Annuity, which reached $15 billion in annual worldwide sales. With this innovation and others, Jerry has been called "the father of modern variable annuities."" Jerry has appeared on CNNfn, Fox News, and Bloomberg Radio, and he and his research have been featured in many leading financial publications, including Kiplinger's Retirement Report, Financial Planning, Investment News and others, as well as numerous consumer-oriented publications and daily newspapers. His proposal for Social Security reform appeared in Bloomberg News online.


Jerry Golden on Retirement

Jerry has written extensively about annuities specifically and retirement matters generally, and has been quoted and interviewed in major publications.

Jerry has published over 200 posts on Jerry Golden on Retirement, covering such topics as Social Security, retirement calculators, tax strategies, and income annuities. His article on defusing the tax bomb appeared on NextAvenue, NPR's website for people 50 and over.

Set out below are some of the most recent articles. Click here to search the blog for the topic you might find interesting.

Jerry Golden's Recent Articles

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Golden Retirement Announces
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  • Sam and Sally, typical baby boomers facing retirement challenges as most others of their generation, are making a new appearance in a Golden Retirement, LLC ("GR") production - addressing the "Five Reasons" you need these annuities in your retirement portfolio.

    Five Reasons

    Sam and Sally previously "starred" in a Savings2Income video, which has been very popular with viewers.
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